How to stop a Muslim migrant from getting out of Canada

A Somali refugee who came to Canada in 2013 from Somalia has been found guilty of attempting to leave the country by way of Canada’s immigration system.

The Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada heard Tuesday that Mohammed Ali Abdulahi was charged in 2016 after he tried to leave Canada on a boat with three other people from Somalia and another person from Syria.

The five men were arrested in August 2016 when Abdulahi allegedly attempted to board a boat in Saint John, N.B.

But Abdulahi’s lawyer argued at trial that his client had a valid visa that allowed him to come to Canada and he did not have the means to leave.

The trial also heard that Abdulahi had several encounters with RCMP in 2016 and 2017.

Abdulahi told police that he had been on the boat because of a dispute with the other Somali refugees and the RCMP wanted to take him to Somalia to join the jihad, the court heard.

Abdalahi told the court that the Somali refugees who were on the other boat were not Muslim and were not Muslims.

Abdulahi said he was not Muslim but believed in Allah, according to court documents.

The Somali refugees were told by Abdulahi that they were not permitted to speak English, he said, but that he believed that he was allowed to communicate in Somali because he was a Somali.

The court heard that the three other men in the boat had been deported from Somalia in 2013 and 2014 and were deported again in 2017, the documents said.

The asylum seekers were told that they would be released in 20 days, the document said.