How to find and report illegal immigrants in the UK

There are many ways to get in touch with the UK’s undocumented population.

You can go online to find out if you qualify to apply for a UK work permit.

You could go on social media to ask about family reunification.

You might even contact the Home Office.

But the vast majority of immigration officers don’t take your calls or emails.

They’re too busy checking your passport or driving your car to check you for any possible links to illegal immigration.

And the authorities know it.

Immigration officers are aware of the fact that they’re being inundated with calls from people claiming to be from countries where they live.

And that’s because the Home Secretary’s Office has started a campaign to encourage people to check the immigration status of their relatives abroad.

“We have had a surge in the number of requests for the Home Department to check on the status of the family members of people coming from countries we don’t know about,” said a Home Office spokesperson.

“So we’ve started a ‘check-on-the-ground’ initiative which allows people to call the Home Ministry to ask if they qualify to come here, if they’re eligible to work here, and if they could be here legally.”

You can check the status on the UK Home Office’s website here.

“It’s also important that anyone who does want to come to the UK should apply for it, so the Home Minister can make sure that the rights of the country and its people are protected,” said the spokesperson.

The Home Office has also started a website, FindYourCountry, to help people find out whether they qualify for a work permit, and is asking people to help spread the word by emailing the Home Secretaries Office and calling the Immigration Office.

“In a way, we have always been a very welcoming country to people who want to apply, but it is now very important that we check whether people have a legitimate case,” said an Immigration officer at a Home Secretary Office.