Trump and Ryan hold a rare joint press conference, but it’s not pretty

Ryan and Trump hold a joint press briefing on immigration in the Capitol, but there are some issues that aren’t as well covered as the other two.

In fact, both men are silent about the specifics of their discussions.

They both have to go through the process of going through the White House press office.

The press secretary, Jay Carney, is there.

And the President himself is not there.

In his statement to reporters, Trump said he and Ryan “discussed a variety of topics,” including the opioid crisis, immigration, and border security.

“We’re in this together, we’re all in this,” he said.

Ryan said he wanted to meet with Trump to discuss a plan to tackle the opioid epidemic, as well as other issues.

But the President had other things on his mind.

He said he asked Ryan to meet him at his office and had to go get a copy of the House Republican budget plan.

The plan was sent to him on Tuesday, but he only got a brief preview on Wednesday morning.

Ryan called it a “stunning failure” and “a complete waste of time.”

He said Ryan’s proposal was a “total waste of money,” and he called it “one of the worst pieces of legislation in the history of the United States Congress.”

Trump said it was “a bad bill.”

“It was a waste of my time,” he added.

Ryan’s office declined to comment on the press briefing.

It is the first time the White and Ryan have had a joint briefing since their joint appearance in the Oval Office last month.

Ryan told reporters Tuesday that he “had an extremely productive and constructive” conversation with Trump.

He also said that Trump is a “good guy,” and that he believes the President is “going to continue to work to solve our problems.”

Ryan said that the two men had a “very cordial conversation” about “the opioid crisis,” which Ryan said had “tremendous impact” on communities in the United State.

Ryan is scheduled to address the American Medical Association’s annual convention in Indianapolis on Thursday, where he will make the case for why the opioid addiction crisis is a national crisis.

The opioid crisis has been the focus of much of Trump’s presidential campaign.

On his first day in office, Trump declared a national emergency and ordered the military to take action against the drug cartels.

During his first address to Congress on Tuesday morning, Trump was asked by a reporter whether he believed opioid addiction was a problem that was “under control” and if he thought that his administration was doing enough to address it.

Trump responded that he believed it was.

“I’m not going to talk about it anymore, and I’m not even going to look at it anymore,” Trump said.

“What I’m going to do is to get rid of it.”

Ryan, for his part, has made opioid addiction a key issue in his first weeks in office.

During the election, he said that he would use his first 100 days to “move aggressively to reduce the opioid abuse epidemic.”

Ryan also promised to work with Trump on a prescription-drug plan, which he says would lower the cost of prescription drugs and help people with chronic pain.

“The president is on the right track,” Ryan said in a Tuesday press conference.

“He has a plan that I think will make a big difference for people who are struggling to get through this difficult time.”

Ryan did not address the issue of border security during his press conference Tuesday.

Trump has also promised that he will have a border wall built by the end of the year.

“Our border is going to be the biggest wall in the world,” Trump told reporters on Tuesday.