USA to extend immigration amnesty

The USA is expected to extend an immigration amnesty to non-citizens, in response to a wave of legal cases.

The Justice Department said the move follows the recent decision by the United Nations to grant an amnesty to asylum seekers in the Philippines.

In a joint statement with the White House, the departments said they were also seeking an extension of the amnesty for individuals whose cases were not resolved in the United States.

US officials said that they are also examining options for extending the amnesty to the Philippines as well.

In October, the United Nation’s High Commissioner for Refugees said it was considering extending the temporary protection granted to refugees from war-torn Yemen to people who entered the US illegally.

A similar move by the US would have put a significant dent in a refugee resettlement program already struggling to meet the requirements of the US Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP).

USRAP aims to admit a maximum of 50,000 people to the country each year.

Last month, the US Department of Homeland Security said it would be extending the program to 10,000 more people a year.

But the move could be blocked by a US Supreme Court ruling on Wednesday, which could see the extension of USRPA expire.

The case comes as the Trump administration has faced renewed criticism over its response to recent terror attacks in the US, which has left nearly 3,000 dead and hundreds injured.

The US Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, has also faced criticism over his response to the attacks, which saw five officers killed by a gunman at a Minnesota police station.

The FBI is also investigating the shootings.