Why Biden is not the only Democratic presidential candidate who opposes President Trump’s executive order on immigration

Ahead of the first day of the second week of the president’s executive amnesty plan, several Democratic presidential candidates have issued statements condemning President Trump for the executive order that is scheduled to take effect on January 3.

In a statement published on Tuesday, Senator Elizabeth Warren, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former Vice President Joe Biden, former Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Bernie Sander, Senator Kamala Harris, and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand all condemned the executive amnesty.

The statement, published by the Huffington Post, reads: “The president’s latest order is not only wrong, it’s wrong for our nation and wrong for families, particularly children.

It will force tens of millions of undocumented immigrants to face deportation.

It is wrong for the families of those affected, as well as our nation’s immigrant community.

President Trump needs to listen to the families he is supposed to represent and to the American people.”

Senator Kamara Harris, a former congresswoman, also condemned the order, saying: “President Trump is violating our laws.

We know this is a serious matter.

The president’s actions will have devastating consequences for the future of the immigrant community and the American economy.”

Senator Elizabeth Brown, a Democrat from California, was also among the first candidates to issue a statement condemning the executive action.

The Washington Post reported that the statement reads: “[T]he executive order does not protect the immigrant families affected by the order or the families who have already been affected by it.

It’s just a simple, unworkable and unnecessary order that will put the safety and security of the American public at risk.”

Senator Harris also issued a statement on Tuesday evening, in which she said: “As a mother, I am outraged that this president would put children and families in the middle of a humanitarian crisis that could have been avoided if we were following proper procedures.

This executive order is wrong.

It undermines families, it undermines American values and it will endanger American citizens.”

Senator Sanders said in a statement released on Tuesday afternoon: “I am horrified by the executive actions that President Trump has announced.

It goes against our core values and against what I have fought for in this country for more than four decades.

I will continue to fight for the American workers that are the backbone of our economy and our country.

We need an immigration system that puts our economy first.

We must also pass comprehensive immigration reform.

I support the president in his call for comprehensive immigration reforms.

But I do not support President Trump and his executive orders.”

Senator Gillibrands statement, released on the same day, reads as follows: “We are a nation of immigrants.

But the executive orders released today by the Trump administration are yet another attempt by this president to create fear, uncertainty, and division in the communities where immigrants come to live.

It also appears that the executive executive orders are not the product of due process.

These actions will make it easier for employers to fire undocumented workers, make it harder for immigrants to seek benefits, and send families and communities back to a time of fear.

This president’s plan to roll back immigration reform is a grave threat to the very values our country was founded on.”

Senator Sherrod Brown, an Ohio Democrat, said in an interview on the Senate floor on Tuesday that the president should focus on reforming the country’s broken immigration system.

He also said that Congress should not be in the business of creating laws that “do not apply to everyone in the country, particularly to those in immigrant families.”

Senator Brown also called on the president to immediately suspend the issuance of all executive orders until the president changes course and changes his mind on the executive plan.

Senator Kamalah Harris has also called for the president and the incoming administration to focus on the deportation of undocumented parents and children.

The Democratic senator said that her goal as the chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus is to get the American Dream back, and that the DACA amnesty, which allows people who entered the country illegally to stay, is the single most important thing that can help the families in our communities.

Senator Sanders, who has been leading the effort to pass comprehensive comprehensive immigration legislation, said on the floor of the Senate on Tuesday night that Congress must take up comprehensive immigration measures that include an immigration reform bill, including the DACA, to ensure that the dream of citizenship for undocumented families is a reality.

Senator Sherron Brown, who is the first female president of the National Council of La Raza, which represents Latino and Native American communities, has also been leading a successful push to pass immigration reform legislation.

In the statement, Brown said: “[President Trump’s] executive amnesty is another shameful example of a president who has broken his promise to Americans.

He wants to turn back the clock on American progress.

The American people deserve better.

We have the best of both worlds in this administration, and we must not let the executive branch divide our nation.”

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