How to be a great father: Why is your dad important to you?

You probably remember the moment you decided to put down your phone and go to bed early because you just didn’t feel like it.

Or the day you had the thought of your partner walking out the door, only to be stopped by your family.

Or the day that you woke up with your family in tow, and found yourself being told that your ex had left and was leaving your home.

It can be hard to find the right words to explain the emotion that comes with such a traumatic event, and for some, it can be a very uncomfortable experience.

But what if, for some reason, the words don’t come out the way you want them to?

That’s what a new campaign from American Express, which is the world’s largest credit card issuer, is trying to help people who have experienced such traumatic events cope.

In a video that is being shared on Facebook and YouTube, American Express staff member Lisa DeLuca talks to people about how their own traumatic experiences have shaped their lives and how they can make sure they feel good about how they are going to raise their children.

They include people who had been the victims of domestic violence, or experienced sexual assault, and those who experienced the death of a loved one, among others.

They are also the people who are struggling with their own anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder, all of which can result from an emotionally and physically painful event.

And that is where Lisa DeLauca comes in.

She has been a member of the American Express family for nearly 50 years, and she knows that to be the best parent is a challenging job, and that it takes a great deal of self-awareness.

But her video, which she says she filmed with the help of the organisation, helps her to share her story and to find out what is working for others in similar situations.

She said:I wanted to share my story so people can have an understanding of what it feels like to be so alone and in such a difficult place, so I had a really good understanding of how it can affect a child’s life and that I could talk to people.

The video features a range of different types of interviews with families who have been through similar experiences, including those who have gone through divorce, lost their jobs, or been forced to move out of the home they have lived in for over a decade.

One woman in the video, who has had two miscarriages, said:The emotional toll it can take can be enormous, and sometimes the people you talk to are going through so much that they can’t be around for you and you are struggling to figure out what to do.

Lisa DeLaucea, a member, is a member.

She is a representative of American Express.

(Source: American Express)Lisa DeLucas story is a great example of what can happen when a parent does not have the right support network or support system, or when their emotional response to an event is not strong enough.

And she shared that with us to share with you.

She added:As an American Express member, I am so fortunate to have an amazing support system that is incredibly supportive and caring, and also incredibly open and welcoming.

I have found that I can be so helpful when I am in crisis, especially when I’m in a situation where I am unsure about my options.

And in this case, Lisa DeLucea has been able to connect with other families and find out how she can help them cope.

We want to make sure that we do everything we can to support the families in our community, whether it is by helping them get the support they need or helping them through these difficult times, and to show that we care and that we are there for them.

We are really happy to have Lisa DeLucea on board as our ambassador for this campaign, and we are looking forward to sharing more stories and experiences from the community in the months and years to come.