MLB players, coaches, scouts: Are you ready to win a world title?

MLB players will make their final roster cuts on Thursday.

Here’s what you need to know.1.

The AL West and NL West teams will be separated by three games in the AL Wild Card Game.

There’s also a spot for the AL’s wild-card team, which will be based on where the Astros finish in the standings.

The NL West team will be determined based on the winner of the NL Wild Card game.2.

Teams are allowed to have two different starting pitchers in the NL playoffs, which means the AL and NL Wild Cards will play each other in the playoffs.3.

The first game of the AL wild-cards series will be played on Thursday, July 14.

The Wild Card Series will start on Sunday, July 18.4.

The loser of the first wild- card game will play the winner in the second Wild Card Games, which starts on Thursday at 3:15 p.m.


The winner of that series will face the loser in the third Wild Card games, which begins on Sunday at 3 p..m., ET.5.

The fourth Wild Card will start Saturday, July 20, at 3 a.m..6.

There are two playoff slots in each division, and each playoff spot is awarded based on a combination of team strength and division standings.7.

Teams will play six regular-season games before the AL-NL Wild Card series starts.

Teams can play four more games during the postseason.8.

The playoffs begin on Sunday afternoon at 1:15 a.u. and conclude on Monday at 3,200 p.u., depending on how many teams are eliminated from the postseason during the regular season.9.

Teams in the Wild Card are required to have a minimum of two regular- and two postseason-caliber starting pitchers.10.

All three AL Wild Cards are scheduled to play at least five games, with the first three coming at home.

The last game of each AL Wild card will be at home on June 16.