Which country has the most migrants?

Immigration is a big issue in Ireland, where the Government has faced fierce criticism from all sides over its handling of the issue.

A new poll has found that the country has been losing more migrants than any other EU country in recent years. 

The Irish Times poll found that since 2006, there has been an increase in immigration of 6,000.

It is a sharp increase on the 4,000 migrants who arrived in Ireland in the same period.

The numbers were almost exactly the same for France, which had a 2,500 increase.

In Britain, the number of migrants has also risen, with 3,600 migrants arriving in the past year, compared with 2,700 in 2006.

The Government is due to announce new immigration policies this week, including allowing more people to claim benefits from the EU, which is a move opposed by many members of the public.

The latest figures come after a similar survey carried out by the Irish Times in September revealed that Ireland was the most popular country to visit in the world.

The survey found that of the 1,600 respondents who answered, 66 per cent said that they had visited Ireland at least once in the previous year.